Posted by: genezeien | December 29, 2009

Style vs Content

Feel free to leave an analysis suggestion, or point out coding problems in the comments area on “Step by Step“. Contrary to typical blogging, the “Step by Step” entry will continue to grow as additional analysis steps are completed, rather than having new posts appear above the information that gives context to the later analysis. If you have visited before, and are looking for the latest progress, just scroll down to the end. Most graphs are self-explanatory, though many analyses build upon previous steps. Code is primarily bash & awk. If you are familiar with C, awk code is fairly easy to read. The associative arrays make awk a natural fit for parsing files with content of unknown extent.

See also:  UHIArctic Next up: Tobs aka Time of observation bias, as discussed in NCDC documentation.



  1. Eugene

    Have you looked at

    Jeff Id seems to be analyzing the same data as you? (Who knows – there are so many databases out there in la la land).

    I have commented about you over there – Jeff’s comment was:

    “I very much doubt that gridding will fix the difference in these datasets.”

    It is great that a lot of people are now looking carefully at the data. Just trying to encourage some communication and sharing of ideas. Can’t contribute anything stats-wise as I am mathematically challenged.

  2. This is nice work. I’ll take you up on a suggestion for future analysis.

    One of the more interesting things that E.M. Smith on Chiefio discovered when working with some of this

    data was that when he found warming, it was predominately in the winter months. If you decide to do monthly data, you might see if your findings are similar.

    Keep up the good analysis.

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